Landon Sciacca

About Landon Sciacca

Landon graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. As a member of the Pathway to Law School Partnership and Cal Law Scholar, he was one of the first members to graduate USC. While at USC, Landon actively participated in USC’s pre-law program and Pathway to Law School Partnership. In his free time, he enjoyed playing for USC’s division 2 Ice Hockey team. Landon was recognized for his academics and received Dean’s List awards in 2018 and 2019.

During college Landon interned at the Perez Law Firm (criminal law) and then Williams, Brodersen, Pritchett, & Burke (civil law). During his time at these firms he assisted with organizing discovery, helping the attorney prep for trial and drafting motions, discovery, and other pleadings. Working at the civil firm he was exposed to class action labor disputes, employment law and real estate litigation.

Landon is currently in his third and final year at San Joaquin College of Law. Landon excelled throughout law school and received Witkin awards* for Torts and Business Organization. During his time at SJCL, Landon has mentored incoming 1L classes in legal writing and contracts. Landon is ranked among the top of his class.

Landon works with attorney Justin Vecchiarelli on business, civil, and real estate legal issues.

He fondly remembers the first law class he took in college was a business law class and he really enjoyed it. As for real estate law, he grew up watching his dad work as a realtor for over 30 years, they regularly had discussions about real estate in general, and the legal aspects when his father would testify as an expert.

“I’ve always had a passion for helping/defending a business owner whether that includes employment disputes, entity formations, or ensuring compliance with the CA Labor Code. Seeing my family successfully run and operate their businesses has greatly influenced my career choices.”

Law school is very time consuming, but you can find Landon enjoying what leisure time he has playing hockey, golfing, snowboarding, wine tasting, visiting breweries and traveling.

*Witkin awards are presented to the student with the highest score on the final exam.

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