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Many businesses don’t hire a business attorney until there is a problem that needs to be addressed. The reason for this is simple: the business didn’t believe that paying an attorney before the problem arose was worth it. Unfortunately, more often than not it costs the business that didn’t hire a business lawyer until the problem arose more to fix the problem than it would have cost to hire a lawyer at the onset of the business to help thwart potential problems down the road. Hiring an experienced business lawyer is just as important to a business as having a good accountant and should not be something that is overlooked as unnecessary.

We represent all different types of businesses from start-ups to established corporate entities. With each of our clients, we come up with unique ways to reduce their legal liability, identify and protect their intellectual property, draft custom contract agreements, enforce their rights, deal with their employees and advise them on the risks of litigation.

How We Can Help

There are a variety of ways that we can add value to your business. Below is a list of just some of the areas we specialize in that can assist in your business operations:

  • Entity Formation. The moment you begin to operate your business, you could be personally on the hook for the debts and liabilities of that business. It is important to have the input of an attorney experienced in advising individuals with regard to entity formation. Each type of business entity has its own implications on personal liability and taxes. For example, a corporation may shield you from personal liability but could result in double taxation. On the other hand, a sole proprietorship may have some tax advantages, but you would remain personally liable for the debts of the business. The options are endless and you want to ensure that you select the entity that fits your specific needs.
  • Real Estate. Almost every business needs a space to operate. Whether you are purchasing a building or leasing space you need a business lawyer with experience in these areas. Purchase and Sale Agreements and commercial leases are complex, lengthy and usually drafted to be most favorable to the landlord or seller. We can help negotiate key provisions in these documents making them more tenant/purchaser friendly.
  • Contracts. Every business uses contracts in some shape or form. Whether you are drafting employment agreements with your employees or entering into contracts with suppliers, customers, and clients, you want an experienced business attorney to draft and review them before they are signed. The law is always changing, especially in California. Don’t make the mistake of using someone else’s standard contract or one found on the internet. Those contracts were drafted for someone else’s business at a prior point in time. You need contracts that are current, enforceable and tailored to your specific industry and needs.
  • Intellectual Property. Every business has intellectual property. It could be a logo, slogan, product, or design. All of your business’s intellectual property needs to be protected. We are experienced with obtaining copyright protection and federal/state/international trademark protection for our clients’ intellectual property.

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Proper Defense provides industry-specific and affordable legal services to businesses throughout California. Often times it is the beginning days of a new business that an experienced business lawyer is needed the most. It is our goal to provide quality legal advice at an affordable price while building a personal and working relationship with our clients. If you are a current or future business owner in California and would like a consultation with an experienced business attorney please call Proper Defense today.

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