One of our favorite jobs at Proper Defense is clearing our clients’ records.

Whether through an expungement, certificate of rehabilitation, Governor’s pardon, or juvenile sealing it is our pleasure to help people move forward with their lives and leave their record behind them.

If Proper Defense is presently representing you in a criminal or juvenile matter, we offer advice and a roadmap to clear your record in the future. If you have already put in the work since your conviction and you want to find out more about how Proper Defense can clear your record contact us at 559-314- 4233.

Misdemeanor or Infraction

If you were convicted of a misdemeanor or an infraction we can get it dismissed one year later.

Governor’s Pardon

If you have a felony conviction and live outside of California, or you are a registered sex offender a direct Governor’s Pardon is the route for you to clear your record.

Reducing an Arrest to a Detention

If you were arrested, and a criminal case was never filed against you, Proper Defense can assist you in clearing the arrest from your record and reducing it to a detention. See Reducing an Arrest to a Detention

Discretionary or Non-discretionary Expungement

If you have misdemeanor convictions a discretionary expungement or a non-discretionary expungement may be right for you.

Certificate of Rehabilitation

If you have felony convictions a Certificate of Rehabilitation may be the avenue to clear your record.

Juvenile Sealing

If you were a juvenile and were arrested and admitted to or had a petition sustained against you for a violation of law, Juvenile Sealing would benefit you.

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