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We focus on Juvenile and Criminal Defense, as well as DUIs.

Juvenile Defense

Let’s face it; children are more likely to get into trouble than adults. A child’s brain is developing, they are learning about the world, they are dealing with peer pressure and hormonal changes, and most importantly they are learning about the world and themselves. Because children are going through this process, when they violate the law they should not be punished the way adults are. Most importantly, they should not have their future affected by these poor youthful decisions.


Criminal Defense

The criminal justice system in California is broken up into three categories of offenses: infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. The court procedure and your rights vary depending on what you are charged with. Proper Defense represents people facing any one of the three categories

DUI Defense

The truth is that most attorneys will quote you a set price, a flat fee of $3,500 – $7,500 for a DUI. Sometimes they will go to court a few times, dragging out your case to make it seem like they are “working” for your deal. Other attorneys may even use scare tactics to make you feel like you have to hire them, it is dire.

One of our favorite jobs at Proper Defense is clearing our clients’ records. Whether through an expungementcertificate of rehabilitationGovernor’s pardon, or juvenile sealing it is our pleasure to help people move forward with their lives and leave their record behind them.

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