Why Hire Proper Defense?

Doing defense differently.

What Makes Proper Defense Different?

We represent clients all over California with an office in Beverly Hills and in the heart of the Central Valley in Fresno.

Proper Justice

A true defense attorney that has only ever fought for rights, never against them.

Proper Handling

One attorney handles your case the whole way through.

Proper Skill

Recognized skills in writing that surpass other attorneys. This permits us to advocate on your behalf through motions with the court.

Proper Aim

Our goal is to bring you peace of mind.

Proper Communication

Your questions will be answered in a way that you can understand, we cut out the legal talk.

Proper Knowledge

The law is always changing and our attorneys keep up with it by attending seminars and trainings to have the most modern and innovative approach to succeed in the courtroom.

Get the Defense you Deserve

Attorney-Client Relationships

We are not looking for repeat clients, but rather to build a relationship with each and every client, and often times with their family too. The attorney-client relationship opens the door to a very special relationship between two people, unlike any other relationship. What this relationship offers is confidence.

This is the only relationship that involves truly secret communication. An attorney takes what you say to the grave. With that confidence comes a connection between an attorney and a client, with no barriers.

When a person finds him/herself in trouble with the law, it is one of the worst times of his/her life. They want to know what will happen, what may happen, and how it will affect their future. At Proper Defense, we pride ourselves in building a strong bond with each and every client and coming up with a strategic plan to address the criminal/juvenile charges to ensure that his/her future will not be compromised by this case.

We all make mistakes and decisions that we may regret down the road, with Proper Defense working for you, doors will not be closed to your future. There are many career paths, which could be cut off from a conviction. Proper Defense focuses on collateral consequences of a conviction and fights to make sure that this mistake does not impact your future dreams.

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