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Sally represented my minor daughter regarding a felony charge. Upon consultation she was professional and personable. She took the time to get to know us and treated us with empathy every step of the way.

Caring, kind, patient and knowledgable

I hired Justin to handle a family dispute over a property. He was very kind and patient with me as I had never dealt with any situation like this. He was given a lot of attitude and undue criticism by the other party and handled it with absolute class. He is knowledgable in his field and his office and staff are very nice and welcoming.

Excellent, caring and knowledgeable Attorney

Sally represented our minor son regarding a felony charge. We were very blessed to find her. Sally is supportive, professional, caring and very knowledgeable. She gets back to you the same day if you have any questions. She is there for you every step of the way. On my son’s first court date, Sally got him to come home and the next court date, she got him his DEJ. Truly a great person and Attorney.

The best lawyer!!

Sally was not only a lawyer but a parent that understood my case. She couldn’t have done a better job representing my case. She was well concerned about the circumstances and did her best to reach the best outcome on my case. This is one lawyer I’m truly grateful for and hope that anyone in need will take the opportunity to be helped. Thanks, Sally.

Great to work with

Justin was very prompt with his services, he kept on top of the case and took it through to a satisfactory conclusion. He acted very professional on our behalf and made the whole case easy on us since he handled everything, then communicated with us at each step regarding our options. I highly recommend him.

Highly Recommend…

I had one attorney before Sally and he was not confident that I would be able to drop 3 of my felonies down to misdemeanors. At this point, I knew I needed to hire an attorney that had the confidence and dedication I needed to get out of my legal situation. Sally went above and beyond doing what she could to assure me I would not lose my livelihood over my charges. Sally is very professional in the courtroom. She responds to emails and phone calls in a timely fashion while upholding her professionalism. I am pleased to be done with my court case and grateful for my outcome. I highly recommend Sally to anyone needing a trustworthy, hardworking, reliable lawyer to defend them.

Highly Recoommend

After my son made some regrettable choices and found himself facing a misdemeanor charge, a friend sent us to Sally. I was, of course, terrified of all of the possible outcomes and very unfamiliar with the juvenile/criminal process. Sally not only walked me through all of the proceedings and helped my son to get the second chance I wanted for him, she was available at all hours and on weekends to answer our questions and allay my fears. She handled everything beautifully and treated us with great compassion as well. While I hope to never need to hire her again, I would recommend her without reservation to anyone who does.

Proper advice for a stressed 23 year old with DUI/restraining order.

Very smart, excellent at explaining what to expect & was amazing with my son as far as helping him get his life back on track! I highly recommend Sally and I hope I never need her again but if I do she will be whom I call. What a refreshing experience we had with this attorney.

Loved my experience!

I am a young guy, never had to deal with much trouble. Sally was able to help me out drastically, when I needed her!

5 Stars

Justin was the consummate professional. He went above and beyond to deal with my real estate issue. He was always prompt in his replies and communication and knowledgeable about my case and any questions I had. He truly went above and beyond. I would (and do!) recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.

Superior Representation

Attorney Sally Vecchierlly is very knowledgeable in the juvenile court system. She has a strong presence of confidence in the courtroom. When she speaks she has the whole attention of the room. Through her hard work and experience, she got our juvenile son’s charges of battery and assault with a deadly weapon causing GBI dismissed by building a strong case of self-defense. Through her thorough investigation, she was able to expose the police department for their weak and incomplete report and the D.A. for even picking this case up. We know we were truly blessed for her representation and are completely satisfied with the outcome.

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