How do I find a Juvenile Defense Lawyer?

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After the initial panic of finding out your child is in trouble — when you get to the “let’s deal with this” stage — you’re likely to ask yourself, “How do I find a Juvenile Defense Lawyer?”

It’s a valid question! After all, this is a specialized need that they don’t cover in any of the “What to Expect when You’re Expecting” books. And you don’t want to trust just anybody with your child’s future.

We’ve got you covered!

Below are some tips for finding not just any juvenile defense lawyer, but one you can trust to take care of your child like they would their own.

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3 Ways to Find a Juvenile Defense Lawyer You Can Trust

1. Word of Mouth / Referral

Ask the people you trust who they trust when it comes to the juvenile court system. Referrals are great because when they come from someone you already know you can trust, it’s easier to transfer that trust to the person they recommend.

There’s a level of comfort right from the start with a juvenile defense attorney who has been referred to you that isn’t there in the same way with someone you find on your own.

The problem you may find with the word of mouth / referral method, though, is if the people you know don’t know any juvenile defense lawyers that they can introduce you to.

Or maybe the referred attorney isn’t available when you need them. Maybe there’s some other reason that you feel that they’re just not the right fit for your family. In that case, you may need to take your search online.

2. Trusted Online Directories

If the word of mouth / referral process doesn’t work out for you, the next best thing is searching for a “juvenile law attorney” on a trusted online directory like Avvo or Justia.

Avvo is more than just an online directory. Avvo Inc. has developed the mathematical Avvo Rating system to give attorneys an impartial numerical rating of 1 to 10 (10 being the best). So when looking at the attorneys on your Avvo search results page, their Avvo Rating is one criteria that may be useful for comparison.

Avvo also collects and publishes reviews from clients and endorsements from other attorneys. While not as good as word of mouth, since you may not personally know the person who wrote the review or endorsement, these give you a better understanding of these attorneys and can help you determine who you want to contact for a consultation.

3. Google

Of course, when other means to find a juvenile defense lawyer don’t pan out, you can always do a Google search for “juvenile defense lawyer near me.”

Wading through the Google search results will probably take the longest time, because it yields the most general results. However, you can make your Google search more manageable by looking at the Businesses results (next to the map when searching on a desktop computer).

The Google search algorithm randomly selects three businesses to highlight, but you can click or tap “More businesses” to get a full list.

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Looking at an attorney’s Google Business profile also lets you view their Google Reviews.

Do You Need to Find a Juvenile Defense Lawyer?

If your child is in trouble, do not wait and hope for the best. Begin your search immediately to find a juvenile defense attorney you can trust.

We hope you’ll consider Sally Vecchiarelli. As a mother, she understands how overwhelmed you feel when your child is in trouble. And she has dedicated her practice to defending children.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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