What Questions Should I Ask When Hiring a Juvenile Defense Lawyer?

What Questions Should I Ask When Hiring a Juvenile Defense Lawyer - female attorney shaking hands with woman with scales of justice on desk

If your child is in legal trouble, you know you need help, and one of the worries running through your mind may be “what questions should I ask when hiring a juvenile defense lawyer?”

We understand your worry, and we’re here to help.

You want the very best for your child — and if they are in trouble, that includes the very best attorney. In fact, you may want to talk to more than one juvenile defense attorney so that you have confidence that the one you choose is the best.

If so, you’ll want to ask each one the same questions so you can evaluate their answers and determine who you want to trust with your child’s future.

And with everything on your mind that you need to do to take care of your child — all the questions you need answers to — we suggest putting your questions on a piece of paper so you don’t forget any of them.

10 Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Here are 10 important questions that should be on your list:

  1. How long have you specialized in juvenile defense?
  2. What kind of ongoing training do you engage in related to juvenile defense?
  3. What experience do you have with the charges my child is facing?
  4. What experience do you have with the juvenile court that will be handling my child’s case?
  5. How big is your firm?
  6. Will we be working directly with you?
  7. How often will we communicate with each other?
  8. How involved do you recommend parents be?
  9. Does my child’s case have to go in front of a judge?
  10. Why should I choose you to represent my child?

Don’t feel like you’re limited to only these 10 questions. You may have other questions specific to the situation your child finds themselves in. Add them to your list. Ask them!

This is for your child, so don’t hold back.

Evaluating the Answers to Choose the Right Lawyer to Help Your Child

When you’re talking to a juvenile defense lawyer and asking these questions, don’t just listen to the words of their answer. Pay attention to how they answer. Consider how their answer makes you feel.

It is stressful when your child is in trouble. It can be terrifying to have to rely on someone else to help you take care of them.

Finding a juvenile defense attorney that you’re comfortable with and who you can trust can help relieve a little bit of that stress. So, look for the attorney who puts you at ease with how they answer your questions.

Understand that you may not like all the answers you receive. Your lawyer’s job is to help your child and get the best long-term outcome for them, not to placate you with empty promises.

You want a juvenile defense attorney who will tell you the truth, even when it’s something you don’t want to hear.

You also want them to have a plan to work within that truth to get the best possible outcome for your child.

Do You Need Legal Help for Your Child?

If you need legal help for your child, don’t delay! The sooner you get a qualified and experienced juvenile defense attorney on your side the better.

If you need to hire a juvenile defense attorney to represent your child and protect their future, contact us today for a free consultation.

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